Price List

If a piece is not listed, then unfortunately if it no longer available. However, in the case of prints and some drawings, you may contact the artist to see if a digital reproduction is available. In addition, there are often edition variables of prints available. Please contact the artist if you are interested.

In addition, I am always interested in negotiations, bartering, etc. Detail images of most works are available upon request.


The Liver Collection (Buzz Kill) -- $150
The Liver Collection (I Dropped my Knife on the Floor)--
The Liver Collection (Get Out Of Jail Free Card)-
- $150
The Liver Collection (Trendsetters)--
Love or the Lack Thereof: no. 2- -
Love or the Lack Thereof: no. 4
Love or the Lack Thereof: no. 5--
Love or the Lack Thereof: no. 6--

Study in Blues and Coral-- $1000
Honey Geometric-- $1000

Waiting for an Epiphany--$75 Variations available
“Happy Snaps,” said Michael--$75 Variations available
Walk Softly and Carry a Big Stick/George Bush is a Big Prick -- $300
Postmodern Conventions-- $50 Variations available
Take the IV (4) Train--$75 Variations available. Print with sewing-- $110

Here’s to you, Hunter S.-- $250 (variations of print, without custom framing, are available for $50-$75)


Union Square-- $100
Man in the ER--$250
Amazing Things are Happening Here-- $250
Planned Parenthood Protest 2011--$150
Arrows No. 1-- $200
Arrows No. 2-- $200
Nude Study-- $100
Nude Study-- $100

All greeting cards are signed with artist signature and are $5 for one. Price goes down with bulk purchase.
Liverwurst is available through, or a signed copy is available through the artist. Both are $30 plus shipping.


Self Portrait-- $750
Watson Women-- $500
The Medical Militia:  Grenade Cuff-- $1000
The Medical Militia:  Crutch Gun-- $1500
Resin of Burnt Bile--Market price of Gold by the ounce
Come on Home to Me-- $350
Synthetic Diamonds-- $350
An Old Factory of Rememberance-- $600

Tube Check Every 3000 Miles-- $300 (Variations of print on Bristol Vellum available for available for $50)
Medical Militia: Untitled-- 36" x 24" is $350; 10" x 8" is $50
Medical Militia: Hypertension-- 36" x 24" is $350; 10" x 8" is $50
Medical Militia: Shoot from the Gut-- 36" x 24" is $350; 10" x 8" is $50
My First Drawing on IV Morphine (Mummy would be so proud)-- $150
ER no.2-- $250
Identity Crisis (Self-portrait)-- $250
ER no. 3-- $300
Dilaudid Hands- -$300
Ceasar and Ricella in the ER-- $200
Untitled-- $200
Sounds of the ER in B Minor Laceration on the Inner Arm-- $250